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A scuffle with Babe Ruth, frying eels with Lou Gehrig and drinking champagne with Al Capone - these were just some of the peculiarities that came up during a wild and wooly interview about Schoolboy Waite Hoyt’s new memoir with the inimitable Chris ‘Mad Dog’ Russo on Sirius XM. Buckle up for the full interview!

Had a blast talking Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Pete Rose & Schoolboy Waite Hoyt  with 700WLW #Cincinnati legend Lance McAlister. Take a listen!

"Writer Tim Manners totally captures the voice of Hoyt, the Hall of Fame pitcher from Babe Ruth's 1927 Yankees who broadcast Reds games for Burger Beer from 1942 to 1965."  Read the full article!

Waite Hoyt is the subject of a great new book by Westport author Tim Manners. “Schoolboy: The Untold Journey of a Yankees Hero” is out just in time for the start of a new baseball season.

*Baseball Hall of Famer Waite Hoyt was a born storyteller. Surprisingly … there was a lot more to Hoyt than his stories.”

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"Tufts alum Tim Manners brings three-time World Series champion Waite Hoyt to life in “Schoolboy: The Untold Journey of a Yankees Hero”

“Blindsidingly fantastic. Could be the most entertaining and don’t-put-down baseball book for the ’24 season.”

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Waite Hoyt’s life was a puzzle.
Picking up the pieces was pure joy.

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